Welcome to the Flyfish Cafe

This is our place to hang out when we aren't on the water flyfishing. You gotta give the fish a break sometime, right? So sit back with your beverage of choice and look around:



Flyfisher's Blog is mix of fishing reports and stories, travelogue,  and other wonderings and wanderings.


Reviews section offers our look at flyshops we've visited. Some of the shops are well-known, others are a bit off the beaten path or newer on the scene. Also included are some informal reviews of some equipment we've used and how we liked it - or didn't - and why.


Browse 'n Buy is our own way of capturing a little of your hard-earned cash. No, we don't sell flies, but we do either sell or refer you to a few fishing related items you won't see just anywhere.


Photo Gallery is just what it says. Who doesn't like to show off their fish and brag about where they've been? No exotic destinations for us, but beautiful Rocky Mountain trout waters aren't bad to look at.


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