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Redington Women's wading boots flyfishcafe reviewWomen's Wading Boot

  • Model: River Chena
  • Manufacturer: Redington
  • Retail Price: $79.95 USD

Manufacturer's Description:
Members from Northwest Women's Fly Fishers helped Redington design the fit and features of the Chena River Wading Boot, named after a world-class Arctic Grayling fishery in Alaska's interior.

  • Made from durable Red.Stream synthetic leather and Cordura
  • Tough gravel guard attachment points
  • Stitched and bonded black felt sole
  • Ergonomic design elements: fully gusseted tongue, cut outs in rear cuff & tongue relieve pressure on the shin & achilles for all day comfort & ease of movement, ergo designed pull on loop
  • Fun fish embroidery on the outside ankle
  • Extra mid-sole cushioning for all-day wading comfort

What we think

Shefisher writes: These wading boots deliver nearly everything Redington promises. They were comfortable from the first day. It was refreshing to wear boots made for a woman - enough toe room, including neoprene stockingfeet, without side slop or heel slippage. The comfort lasted throughout each day on the river, but not at the expense of stability and support. The soles and heel support are solid, but flex enough to mold to one's foot and give great stability on slick rocks. The padded tongue allows a snug tying up without leading to pressure points pain hours later.

All my guide days and personal fishing days of wade fishing rocky rivers and streams take a toll on boots. I usually go through 2 pair every season. These lasted late into fall. Even with the soles worn down to where the undersole is starting to show at the toes, I shelved my normal studded winter boots in favor of these sure-footed Redingtons.

The light blue foo-foo girly style put me off a bit at first, but the performance features soon eclipsed that cosmetic. The blue laces are as durable as the boots themselves. They look nearly new even now. Two well-placed loops for rock guard hookups work well and help save on lace wear, too.

There are only two shortcomings I noticed. First is that these boots are very tall. It may only be my personal preference, but I was not comfortable with the boots laced up onto my lower calf. Feeling that way with my long slender legs, I can imagine how much more pronounced this would be for someone with shorter legs or stockier calf muscles. As it was, I wore these laced one eyelet pair short of the top. The laces are very long, so this necessitated wrapping them once around before tying, or triple knotting. Not a deal breaker, but it is the one feature I would change on these boots if I could.

The second downfall was that the "synthetic leather" sections wore faster than any other part of the boot. The material even started peeling off in irregular pieces. This is only cosmetic, not affecting performance.

Overall, I highly recommend these boots for their comfort, durability, solid performance and very reasonable price.



  • Comfortable, true to size.
  • Light weight.
  • Good stability and traction.
  • Durable.
  • Stylish - you won't look like a woman in a man's boot.
  • Affordable; good value.


  • Too tall. Rises above ankle onto calf.
  • Synthetic leather wears and peels off.

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